Welcome to  Property Investment Enterprises where our goal is to put more cash flow in your life. Property Investment Enterprises (PIE) is one of the premier and most diverse investment companies in California. What makes us different is we work with new investors who are looking to build assets in new and upcoming areas of the country.  The best part is we work with just about any budget because we know not everyone has a cool million to play with.

We are a team of highly trained investors who look to partner with people like you to achieve a steady cash flow for your pockets. The best part is that we do so with out needing a huge amount of money. Truthfully, no one in our area is doing what we do.  Come find out how we could begin to build a portfolio of assets for you and your family.

About Us

PIE was originally established because of our passion to educate and help young entrepreneurs to start building their portfolios.  We also aim to take any fear and discomfort out of new investors’ minds, we do this by walking you through every step of how we do it, so you can build confidence and have fun doing out-of-state RE investments.

Located in Silicon Valley, we know you must have 6 or even 7 figures to be considered serious investors with some companies, but not with us!  We will work with your budget to find the right investment opportunities to fit your needs.

We have a local Power Team which includes a Property Manager, Contractor, RE Agent, Insurance Agent, Title Company, & Law Firm.  You will have access to our team once your transaction is closed, so you don’t need to waste your time putting together your own team.


We are a Real Estate Investing company with a focus in the Mid-West Region of the United States. Our service goes further than just helping you find a home. We have a lot of whole sale properties and listings that we help you acquire. But the service doesn’t stop there, we then help you connect with our team of professionals to get your property in great shaper rental or for sale. And lastly, if you wish to hold the property long term, we will  connect you with a property manager in that area so you could relax and collect your monthly dues.

We are different from a realtor because we focus on investing, meaning homes you could either flip or add to your portfolio for cash flow. In addition we have pocket listings that are not on the market or visible on listing websites. Essentially we are helping you from A-Z when it comes to making an investment in Kansas City Area.


If you know it is time to make your money work for you, take the time to give us a call. In a competitive economical atmosphere, it’s important to have more than one income, we could help you with that. If you have zero experience in  Real Estate Investing, no worries, we are the perfect place to start learning.

We work internationally and always offer a 30 minute consultation to better understand your goals. Please don’t be shy and reach out to us, your future self will thank you for doing so!